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Posted on: March 27, 2023

Goldsby Newsletter 3/27/23


This Newsletter is intended to provide updates to the citizens of Goldsby on current projects as well as planning for FUTURE infrastructure projects. This includes the following subjects; Grants approved, Water, Sewer, Roads, Trash Facility, Park, Airport, Fire Department, Police, Municipal Court, and Economic Development.


GRANTS: Goldsby has been approved for almost $5 MILLION in grants the past 2 years with another

$700,000.00 pending. That’s $5 MILLION the citizens DO NOT have to pay for infrastructure.


WATER: Our engineer performed a comprehensive hydrological study of our entire water system about 2 years ago to determine present, short term and long-term needs.


Currently one project is under construction – a Booster Station. The expected award date for two major water line projects is April 13. This will consist of 3 miles of 12 inch water line that will enable the tower to fill faster and provide ample water and pressure to customers. Goldsby has been approved for a total of $1.5 Million in grants that will go toward these projects. The Booster Station will enable Goldsby to purchase Oklahoma City Water flowing through Newcastle. This will be extremely important for the future. The long-term plans include another water tower and increasing the water line size from the Treatment Plant on East Burr Oak to the west side of I-35.


Washington Public Schools have asked Goldsby to provide water for the east half of the campus.


Currently, our wells and treatment plant capability are 2 million gallons per day which is good for the present and near term, but as you have read above, we are preparing for the long-term future.


On March 10, Ronny, Adam and I met with Tuttle, Blanchard, Newcastle and representatives from the Chickasaw Nation along with the Oklahoma Rural Water Association (ORWA) and Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ). The main topic of discussion centered around the interest in and the possibility of forming a Regional Multi-jurisdictional entity to join together for a long-term solution for all of our water needs. This would also include Cole and Dibble and possibly Washington. The Chickasaw Nation is very interested because of the huge hospital they have planned just south of Newcastle. Possibilities for funding and water quality standards were also discussed.


SEWER: The sewer for the commercial area is well under construction with completion expected this summer.


ROADS: Our Public Works Director, Ronny Nelson, is working with the County Commissioners on a road improvement plan for FY 2024 to present to the Board of Trustees. He will also be discussing possible plans beyond FY 2024, but only one year can be budgeted.


We are working with ODOT requesting SH 74 be widened with shoulders and turn lanes at the intersections.

ODOT is scheduled to start the I-35/SH 9 Interchange improvements sometime this year.


They also plan to add a 3rd lane north bound on I-35 starting at Exit 104 north to SH 9 this year.


We have requested ODOT install a traffic signal light at SH 9 and NW 24th Avenue.


In 2027, the overpass bridge at Exit 104 is planned for replacement. A new bridge will be built adjacent to the west side of the existing bridge leaving it open during construction.  

The entrance to the old southbound ramp will be moved to the north 2,000 feet.

And a Roundabout will replace the 4 way stop in front of the Goldsby Store.


With all the I-35 construction expected in the next few years and the detours, we applied for and have been approved for a $1.2 MILLION grant to rebuild Ladd Road to ODOT Standards.




TRASH FACILITY: The projected opening for the new facility is early May.


PARK: A new swing set will soon be installed that will include swings for babies, children, adults and a swing to meet ADA requirements.


FIRE DEPARTMENT: As you already know, we have a Volunteer Fire Department that is probably the best in the state. We average 1.3 calls per day. Some days there are multiple calls and some days none.

Just remember these Volunteer Fireman have other full time jobs. They may be on a call during all hours of the night and still have to go to work the next morning. Yes, the day will come when we have to have some full-time firemen. We have plans to replace one old tanker truck with a combination Engine/Tanker Truck, refurbish the Rescue Truck that goes out on almost every call, as well as some other equipment for the Fire Fighters.


POLICE: We continue to contract with the McClain County Sherriff to station 4 deputies at Goldsby for

24/7 patrol. There is one detective stationed here that works northern McClain County. One of the deputies gives a report at the Monthly Town Meeting concerning arrests made, tickets written, patrols of neighborhoods made, Fire Department assists, etc.


MUNICIPAL COURT: Consists of a Judge, Prosecutor, and Court Clerk. Court is held once a month.


AIRPORT: Well, the Tornado sure set us back with our airport plans. We have settled with the insurance and have begun the process of a build back plan. We have plans to build more hangers because we have a 70 person waiting list. However, with the price of construction and interest rates, it’s just not a good time. We have two flight schools with a total of 9 planes. We have requested the Federal Aviation Administration release the 11 acres along the front of the airport so it can be commercially developed and provide revenue for the airport. As you already know, The FAA and the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission control all airports.


ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: We have been blessed with several new businesses in the past few years that not only provide economic growth but also generate sales tax that helps to provide services to the citizens. The OLD Town DEVELOPMENT is underway. First National Bank is under construction. A building planned to the north of the new bank will have a variety of shops.  A Sonic, a Flooring Company, and a Collision Center are among the businesses that will also be located in the development. We are working very hard to get a MEDICAL FACILITY and a GROCERY STORE. These businesses provide products and services, and most generate sales tax that provides services for our citizens. It is crucial for the Fire Department, Police, Roads, Parks and the general operation of the town.


All of the above topics have been discussed and briefed at Airport Authority Meetings, Water authority Meetings, Public Works Authority Meetings, and Town Board of Trustees Meetings. Citizens can always speak during an agenda item titled, Appearances from the audience. We encourage your attendance at meetings. Occasional updated Newsletters are posted on the Town of Goldsby Website so citizens can be informed on what is happening in their town. All Town Meeting Agendas and Minutes to Meetings are posted to the Town of Goldsby Website.



Your Mayor

Glenn Berglan

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